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Fjörður & Vík shortlisted for Nordic Design Competition: Sustainable Chairs

hogni Stefan


When the Nordic Design Competition: Sustainable Chairs competiton came up, we couldn’t resist submitting a couple of entries for it, since it is our design philosophy at its core. We have always focused on woodwork and interior design with a Nordic flare that is based around sustainable wood. Each Nordic country had a shortlist of finalists and much to our surprise, we found that two entries that we submitted made it all the way to Iceland’s country-level finalist’s list. 

In this post, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about the chairs and how they came about. Being selected for the finalists list was an achievement in itself and if it means that more people saw our work, then that is great thing. 

Shipping pallets are everywhere, and they are increasingly used in interior design as building blocks for something. Fjörður started life as a shipping pallet, and is a result of applying new thinking to discarded timber, along with plenty of cutting, sanding and dyeing. As for the upholstery, the US military presence in Iceland left behind plenty of discarded items, many of which were very high quality. To this end, a piece of disused parachute, in places clearly labelled “U.S Army”, establishing its provenance.  


Our second shortlisted piece, Vík, had been faring the seas for some 80 years before being made into a chair. The vessel itself, sadly, became unfit for the seas. However, for those that have the eye of ingenuity, there is opportunity to start a new story, and the end of an old story. This is an extra special thing because of the importance of the fishing vessels, and of fishing more wildly as an aspect of Icelandic life and livelihoods. This time, age and wear does incredible things to a piece of wood. The upholstery is also Icelandic in origin, coming from a population of reindeer that were brought over in the 18th century from Norway.

Both Fjörður & Vík, our shortlisted pieces for Nordic Design Competition: Sustainable Chairs competition are available for purchase from our store. They are unique Nordic design pieces, one-offs, and there will never be any other like them.

You can find them in our shop!